I know I haven’t posted in a while.. I’ve been busy working on my own art with much success! Here though, here is a painting.

Hyper Realistic

By Antoine Dutilh. Pretty stellar if you ask me.


I went to the Love Art Fair at the Exhibition Place here in Toronto yesterday afternoon. The fair was aimed at new art buyers and hailed as an expertly curated avenue for people to purchase affordable original art. Somehow though, I suppose because of this, it had a commercial feel to it which was a little off-putting. However there were some wonderful gems in there and exciting new talent to see. Here are a few of my favourite pieces. (Apologies for the poor Iphone quality pics)

Brandy Masch


Katherine Melancon

She takes photographs of still lives and digitally manipulates them.


Artist Unknown


Jacky Tsia – Check out her website she has a lot of amazing work up there. Very inspiring.


Lovely painting detail…


America Martin – An established fine artist; excellent quality work reminiscent of Picasso. I enjoy her work but it feels very ‘safe’.


Mitchell Clark Meller


Check out the links to the artists individual sites for more of their amazing work.

He caught my eye right away. He exudes worldliness, tribal sanctity and overall interestingness. He could also be a total douche. Who knows. I could YouTube him and find out, but I’d actually prefer him to live on as my perfect fantasy man.

Calm, brilliant, fierce, humble, true and beautiful.

Just this one picture..

This artist is nothing short of extraordinary. My mind is blown and absolutely delighted at the thought that it’s just experienced such talent.

Joel Rea everyone. Be amazed. 


These are paintings!!


This one is called Introspection. I can’t think of any painting that captures such an incredibly specific emotion so clearly and effectively. I really can’t.


And this one? It says so much. So much of what people are afraid to say or can’t even say.

ImageI want to be in these paintings.. not in them but of them. I want to be their essence because it’s pure and true.