Or at least that’s what we call it here in Toronto. Go to the woods the nature the sun the sky the water. Go where things are real and recharge your batteries. I did (hence the long break in blogging here) and it was just pure happiness. Sleeping in a tent, waking up outside and spending the entire day outdoors gives time a new speed (SLOW) and pleasure new meaning (THE MOMENT).

It made me realize what really matters. Living in a city; it’s amazing the fake little problems your brain becomes obsessed with. It’s much harder to let go and be at peace when you’re being bombarded with information and stimulation and temptation.

Love the outdoors, if there’s one thing to keep us sane. This is it.

Did I forget to mention the birds?? You don’t realize how much you miss them in the city until you hear them again. So settling.


GO there! 🙂 Happy summer.


Ahhh. My eyes breathe a sigh of relief knowing that not everyone in the world wears jean shorts.



Thomas J. Abercrombie NG

I think I’m going to go ahead and put this on my bucket list. Ew I hate that term. I’m going to put this on a list of things I must do. Soon.

Check the Norway Sky Bridge

ImageAaaaaaaaand after a little research I find out this is NOT the actual bridge, which is an incredible disappointment, but instead the construction cables the workers use to build the actual bridge.

The bridge is just a bridge… A long one though 9th in the world but no sky bridge really.

I’m hoping for a sky bridge. How cool would that be? Japan? Anyone?

Oh well…

Here is another beautiful travel poster. I’m just yearning to explore.. To have that sense of freedom, carelessness and curiosity. To dream about lives you could live and lives others are living. The colours, the people, the restaurants, the patios, the bridges, the night skies. The world is magic.

Paris Travel Poster

Especially in Paris