Nature & Wonder

Or at least that’s what we call it here in Toronto. Go to the woods the nature the sun the sky the water. Go where things are real and recharge your batteries. I did (hence the long break in blogging here) and it was just pure happiness. Sleeping in a tent, waking up outside and spending the entire day outdoors gives time a new speed (SLOW) and pleasure new meaning (THE MOMENT).

It made me realize what really matters. Living in a city; it’s amazing the fake little problems your brain becomes obsessed with. It’s much harder to let go and be at peace when you’re being bombarded with information and stimulation and temptation.

Love the outdoors, if there’s one thing to keep us sane. This is it.

Did I forget to mention the birds?? You don’t realize how much you miss them in the city until you hear them again. So settling.


GO there! ūüôā Happy summer.


Photographer David Liittschwager magnified a single drop of seawater 25 times and took a picture of it. This is the creepy result.


Which immediately reminded me of this.


I like the parallel. As above so below.

I’ve always loved snails. When I was little in Switzerland after the rain I used to pick them off the stone railings on walks home with my mom. I would have a whole little box full¬†and play with them on our balcony. They really are¬†the cutest little creatures and photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko captures¬†their little world perfectly.



That is just adorable. Makes me think they have little personalities and now I want pet snails.

Check out more of¬†Mishchenko’s incredible macro photography HERE