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Love these twisted little paintings by Steven Kenny. Great imagination.

Steven Kenny_9
Steven Kenny_2Steven Kenny_3steven-kenny-woodmans_wife_2_500Steven Kennythe_shout_300dpisteven-kenny-collar_5001Steven Keny_5

Steven Kenny


I was lucky enough to stumble upon a show of Ray Caesar right on my street in Toronto. His work is so breathtaking in real life that I actually gasped when I saw his painting in the window of The Gallery House. I then read THIS wonderful article about his career, various struggles and achievements which has made me a mega fan. Hope you enjoy.

2013-04-03-kisalala-ray-caesar-Caesar_2005_CastorCrown_of_Flies_Ray Caesar21-bride-study-painting-by-ray-caesar

I’m feeling the mysterious beautiful corruption of innocence. He’s delicately balancing perversion and purity which is both settling and unsettling.