Another Mysterious Artist – Manuel Orazi

Not much is known of the Italian art nouveau illustrator, but his posters and drawings are utterly captivating. His most notable work would be the occultist calendar of black magic called Calendrier Magique that he created with Austen De Croze. A limited edition run of 777 were made to mark the year of magik in 1896. Coincidentally, this was the year the famous occultist Aleister Crowley decided to pursue mysticism and magik as well.

Here is April. Wonderfully stunning.




I’m blown away. Also doesn’t that look like the Yves St Laurent logo in the bottom right corner above? A little maybe..

October is a bit creepy.

Manuel Orazi _5

Like really..

Here are some beautiful posters which were what first caught my eye.

Manuel Orazi


Manuel Orazi _3

That pink and the black blew me away.

Manuel Orazi _2

This man had extreme talent. This one below is beautiful as well. Makes me wonder if he might be the artist who did the eccentric poster from this post. Looks like similar writing!

Manuel Orazi _4


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