What am I getting from Matthew Stone?

Stumbled on his paintings which at first glance are beautiful. Full doses of paint and movement that convey free-flowing energy and fine-tuned emotions. As I kept looking though I couldn’t figure if I really liked them or not. I like when art confuses me.



MAtthew Stone_2

These are part of his ‘Unconditional Love’ series. They were painted onto mirrors, photographed, digitally enhanced and reprinted onto wood panels.  As I dive deeper into his work, although I find his appointed title of ‘art shaman’ outrageous, I am seeing a brilliance of colour and precision of brush strokes that could, together with notable cultural influence, possibly merit such a title.


“Optimism is the Vital Force that Entangles itself with and then Shapes the Future.” – Matthew Stone

That’s a brilliant sentiment.

Matthew Stone

Optimism as Cultural Rebellion (blog)

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  1. speakglitter said:

    wow! that is stunning !


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