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This guy takes photographs of peeling paint, walls and what not. The results are fantastic abstract paintings that are straight from the beautiful nature of time and decay. It really does take great skill and a great eye to capture the magic in something like peeling paint.

Joerg Meister_7Joerg Meister_6Joerg Meister_5Joerg Meister_2Joerg Meister_3Joerg Meister_4Joerg Meister

Joerg Meister 


Zoe Keller creates vintage inspired botanical illustrations. I was looking at her images and was surprised to know she is still alive! Usually the very skilled drawings of flora and fauna are from days long past… These are youthful yet classy. Would love a print.

Peach_Zoe Keller

Zoe KellerZoe Keller_2Snails_Zoe KellerMinerals_Zoe Keller

She started a Kickstarter campaign with a friend to release a book, here is their very inspiring video.

More copies of the book will be published, like her on Facebook or Instagram to stay updated.