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Tristram Lansdowne how do you do it? I was amazed before I found out they were WATERCOLOURS.

Tristram Landsdowne_4
Tristram Lansdowne-Hermetic-IslandTristram Landsdowne_3Tristram Landsdowne_1Tristram Landsdowne_#Tristram Lansdowne

Tristram grew up near the ocean in Victoria BC, surrounded by nature, then moved to the sprawling city of Toronto and endured the expected culture shock. After reading this and looking at his paintings I felt as though I was looking right into his subconscious and how it was making sense of the two very different worlds.

SO beautiful.


So cool. Wonderful aesthetic, just enough weirdness, sense of urgency and life commentary to make an impact. Seventies apocalyptic science fiction films come to mind..

i_markweaver3 MArk_Weaver_1 Mark_Weaver_Avenge Mark_Weaver Mark-Weaver-Illustrations-6 markweaver PINK_Mark_Weaver


Mark Weaver

Artist Laurie Hogin paints intensely coloured animals. Animals that represent our primitive minds and aspects of our emotional selves. They are vibrant, funny, and weird.


amygdala_rabbit_Laurie HOgan

I love the contrasting strong colours she uses, especially how they work in this one. With this technique she’s creating just enough stimulation and confusion to activate the primitive/emotional mind directly. At least that’s how I’m feeling it.

amygdala_rabbit_2mini_Laurie HOgan Laurie_Hogan_2 laurie_hogin_after_the_storm_30x40_w-735x550




Love this! Lorraine Loots makes tiny beautiful paintings. So much detail.

I love tiny things.

Lorraine Loots_1 Lorraine Loots_2 Lorraine Loots Lorraine_Loots Lorraine-loots-2  Lorraine Loots_3

These are all part of a series titled 365 Postcards for Ants where she created a miniature painting every day for a year. She continues to do this now with another series themed around Cape Town.

For scale…

Lorraine Loots_ 5

Here’s a short little video on her work and ideas.