The Golden Age of Illustration

Enter Kay Nielsen. Another 1920’s era illustrator who created soft and mysterious worlds during the very appropriately named ‘Golden Age’ of illustration. The chosen colours run deep and the spaces created in his work convey the plight of the human spirit that seems specific to this time. Just look at the dainty tree here, how it’s faint branches create a moment of despair and longing.

kay_nielsen_24Kay Neilson_216_kay_nielsen_b

Another theme that runs through his work is power and powerlessness.

Lay NeilsonKay Nielson_3EAst Of Sun _ Kay Nielson

Kay Neilson _1

The tragedy and beauty of life in a splendid universe of endless imagination.


Kay Neilson_1


Wedding_Kay Neilson

  1. I really like your work.

    I have nominated you for a Liebster Award. If you’d like to accept, just check out the rules on my last post, here:



    • ocolshit said:

      Thanks for the nomination! I will have to get blog discovering!


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