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Enter Kay Nielsen. Another 1920’s era illustrator who created soft and mysterious worlds during the very appropriately named ‘Golden Age’ of illustration. The chosen colours run deep and the spaces created in his work convey the plight of the human spirit that seems specific to this time. Just look at the dainty tree here, how it’s faint branches create a moment of despair and longing.

kay_nielsen_24Kay Neilson_216_kay_nielsen_b

Another theme that runs through his work is power and powerlessness.

Lay NeilsonKay Nielson_3EAst Of Sun _ Kay Nielson

Kay Neilson _1

The tragedy and beauty of life in a splendid universe of endless imagination.


Kay Neilson_1


Wedding_Kay Neilson


It’s a cold horrible grey day here in Toronto. Thanks Fall, we literally couldn’t wait for your arrival.

To cheer my grumpy ass up I started researching beautiful art, which I do all the time anyway, and found yet another French artist from the 1920’s; Edmund Dulac. He worked out of London but there’s something about those French artists that really gets me. Playfulness, nonchalance, class, who knows but it’s definitely a thing. Anyway, I’ve selected his most fantastic works here to fuel the escapism and comfort that we all need on a day like this.


dulac_mermaid3_sparkle Edmund_DulacBluebird_Edmund_Dulac

He seems to have been influenced by Asian art, as many Art Nouveau artists were, but also by Roman and Egyptian culture. Guy was oozing with talent as his body of work is immense and incredibly varied. I’d love to get a hold of one of his picture books.

Another blast of beauty from Paris in the early 1900’s. The colours Raphael Kirchner chose are so soft and dreamlike, his images of feminine beauty almost take you to another time and place. They certainly remind me of my childhood even though I have no memory of seeing his images then. Perhaps it’s the element of innocence present in all of them. Enjoy!

smoking-women-1904   Raphael Kirchner 4sun-women_Rapheal Kirchner

Raphael Kirchner KIRchner 3 Rapheal Kirchner

690_001_Raphael Kirchner  girls-with-flowers-at-feet-1902-4

happy-new-year-191242_Raphael Kirchner

Beautiful variety as well.


And my favourite. How lovely are these? He’s famous for his postcard style illustration. Little pocket size wonders!


I think he could easily be my favourite artist at the moment. Whimsical yet detailed and classy. Love.