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Joan Mitchell was a Second Generation abstract expressionist painter who was heavily inspired by the tortured soul of Vincent Van Gogh and the lines and fluidity of Henry Matisse. When I first stumbled on one of her paintings on Pinterest, I was intrigued that such scribbles and messiness could possibly be considered high art. However after reading more about her and what she is conveying through her paintings, and just really absorbing the work itself, I feel as though, I think I get it.

11.9 million dollar painting. This sold at auction for that much, the highest amount for a female artist.

Source: Chritie's Sale 2847 Lot 32, Copyright Joan Mitchell

Source: Chritie’s Sale 2847 Lot 32, Copyright Joan Mitchell

A masterpiece?


With this image though I am starting to get it. The balance of chaos..

A 1219623

This one titled, ‘On The Verge’ might take some more time and effort to understand.


Somehow it’s beautiful right? I love when things push the boundaries and stretch our concepts of truth and beauty into something deeper. I believe her art does that.

Then I saw this one and I really love it.


I’d like it in my living room except that it’s gigantic.



I definitely like Art Deco more than Art Nouveau. It’s more elegant and simple in my opinion. French artist Erte created beautiful works of glamourous, elegant, yet powerful women in this style. With his simple classy form, I get a sense of beauty, empowerment, and also serenity from his work. Plus the colours. The colours are just lovely.








diva-i_ ERTE

I can’t get enough. The composition, the elegance; the fresh ideas and poses although all vintage. In love!





Rene was a glass designer living in the prime of Paris (1920s). His jewelry is absolutely remarkable.

LaliqueJewelryLalique JewelryRene-Lalique-30laligue22Rene Lalique

It’s quite ‘art nouveau’ which isn’t normally a style I’m into (except Alphonse Mucha). I find it very 80’s posh if that makes sense but this is just so beautiful. The attention and passion for detail is something I really miss in today’s style and design. They don’t make ’em like they used to I suppose.


Or at least that’s what we call it here in Toronto. Go to the woods the nature the sun the sky the water. Go where things are real and recharge your batteries. I did (hence the long break in blogging here) and it was just pure happiness. Sleeping in a tent, waking up outside and spending the entire day outdoors gives time a new speed (SLOW) and pleasure new meaning (THE MOMENT).

It made me realize what really matters. Living in a city; it’s amazing the fake little problems your brain becomes obsessed with. It’s much harder to let go and be at peace when you’re being bombarded with information and stimulation and temptation.

Love the outdoors, if there’s one thing to keep us sane. This is it.

Did I forget to mention the birds?? You don’t realize how much you miss them in the city until you hear them again. So settling.


GO there! 🙂 Happy summer.