Monthly Archives: May 2014

These are some of the digital collages I do. I also do paper collages using old vintage images which I love working with.

I’ve just started getting my work out there and it’s been met with a really positive response. I hope you enjoy!

AiiViiA Pigs Fly AiiViiA Pretend AiiViiA Love DoesAiiViiA Slow Star AiiViiA Love StoryAiiViiA The Secret








Something warming about these soft vintage colour schemes. Little pops of brightness mixed with subdued, yellow-tinged watery hues.

I understand this is already a quite popular look; the 70’s vintage revival present in nearly all hipsterdom art, but I’d quite enjoy mixing this with something completely opposite. Finding that perfect juxtapose of ‘so wrong its so right’ feeling to give this look a new edge. Experimenting is needed, but for now lets just enjoy the pleasing aesthetic of the pre-digital age.

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