I’ve always loved snails. When I was little in Switzerland after the rain I used to pick them off the stone railings on walks home with my mom. I would have a whole little box full and play with them on our balcony. They really are the cutest little creatures and photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko captures their little world perfectly.



That is just adorable. Makes me think they have little personalities and now I want pet snails.

Check out more of Mishchenko’s incredible macro photography HERE


  1. I forgot to mention how much snails stink when in captivity! They get really raunchy super fast… Lol. They sure are fun to watch and photograph though…. Once I had my kids help me collect all snails we could find and then put em all in a big box to photograph what we called the race to escape… (We set them free) … Makes me want to do it again because at the time I didn’t know anything about proper photo sizing and I ruined the originals! Ah, an early digital mistake learned.


    • These must be a great inspiration to any photographer! Also thanks for the tip on the stink! Will be reconsidering keeping them as pets for sure 🙂


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