Serious Style

Being yourself…

Ylva Falk – Dancer, Free-Style Artist

Ylva FalkYlva Falk

Laila Gohar – Founder Sunday Supper Catering, Food Journalist

Laila Gohar

Laila Gohar

Hanne Gaby Odiele – Model

Hanne Bady Odiele

Hanne Gaby Odiele

Karen O – Singer Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Karen OKaren O

I get a strong feeling of joy when I see limits being pushed and people really exploring their creativity through clothing and expression in general. Who said that we have to be a certain way? Weren’t we all children once free and always a little bit crazy? Maybe an over-used hippie ideology but it’s as relevant today as it’s been since Socrates. I don’t mean we should drop out and roll the streets like lunatics, but we should never forget what makes us human; our creativity, our access to the infinite expressive power of the universe and all it’s mystery.

  1. Bianca said:

    Hi! I’m the owner of, I got your message on tumblr, thank you so much! Of course it’s okay for you to make a post about it here, it would be an honor, thank you! xx


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