Monthly Archives: February 2013

I just absolutely love how fashion can capture a glimpse of human consciousness at a very specific moment in time. That’s why it is so fleeting and fickle. When I see a picture like this, I can feel many elements of human interest and human connectedness summed up in an explosion of colour, shapes, passion, and ideas. It’s forever inspiring and illuminating to our collective mind. You can see elements of tribal (which are still relevant), influences of people like Grimes and her braided hairstyle from this video, and a playfulness which could take it’s inspiration from everything from Jeremy Scott’s consistently ridiculous irony, to Japan’s ever childlike theme infiltrating the Western world.

Some find it insensitive to trivialize life through fashion, but I see it as just another part of the human expression. It almost transcends the fact of the matter, and sees it from above. Light hearted appreciation.

W magazine March 2013
Ph: Mario Sorrenti
Styling: Panos Yiapanis


Photo courtesy of Facebook / Intrepid London