The Dark Side of Scorpio Men…


Excerpt from the Book “How to Spot a Bastard by His Star Sign” by Adele Lang.

Being in the early stages of a relationship with a Scorpio man, I find this to be a real fucking hoot.


All those dark, brooding, monosyllabic types, who fill the pages of cheap romantic novels with their strong jaws and piercing eyes, are Scorpios. You know the story: boy meets girl. Boy tortures girl because of a series of very silly misunderstandings and because he enjoys it. Girl becomes a psychological wreck. Boy sweeps girl into his arms and mumbles something about undying love. (He has to sweep her into his arms because by this stage the poor woman has completely fallen apart.). This is where the book ends. There is a very good reason for this. Mills & Boon know what is to come is far too awful to be published. Yet, this paperback ideal of love still manages to override the common sense of most women. We find the strong, silent, manipulative type irresistible. And we sit prettily on our hope chests with our long auburn curls in charming disarray, waiting breathlessly with much fluttering of eyelashes for Scorpio to stride into our lives. (NB: Romantic heroes never walk, they always stride – manfully and purposefully. Its dreadfully tiring for them, and its one of the reasons why they are so moody and irritable.) And once a Scorpio bastard arrives? Well, there’s nothing like a spot of good-old-fashioned-bodice-ripping to get things started. Just swoon gracefully into his arms and let him have his wicked way with you. Then have your head examined.

The strong, silent type is what you should look for when purchasing white goods. Whilst these are desirable attributes in a washing machine, you won’t enjoy them in Scorpio. He is strong. Much stronger than you. Which means when there’s a fight, you’ll lose. And he is silent. Which means communication within the relationship is going to be a little one-sided. Holding back information is actually one of his favourite pastimes. Mostly because it upsets you. Well, what did you expect? Anyone described as “dark” and “brooding” is not going to be a naturally open, caring, sharing person. And Scorpio has a dark side that makes Darth Vader look like Mr. Whippy. As for brooding ability, he leaves Heathcliffe out on the moors: he’ll hold a grudge against you until the day you die. And your death will only appease him a little. However, you’ll never even know he has a grudge against you. A Scorpio bastard won’t confront you openly. That would be too much like fair play. He’s more likely to watch and wait – decades if necessary – for the chance to launch an attack when you’re not paying attention. And when it finally hits, it’ll make a stealth bomber look weak and clumsy.

Unfortunately, because of the amount of literature (if books featuring Fabio on the cover, count as literature) you’ve absorbed, you’ll class all his behavior as normal. You’ll revel in all the angst. Being miserable all the time must mean it’s true love. This is all so romantic. You’ll even be flattered by his possessiveness (despite the fact that you’re not allowed to go anywhere of see anyone). It means he can’t bear to be without you. Of course, he can’t bear to be with you either – not when there are still so many things wrong with you.

He’ll manipulate you until you become exactly what he wants you to be. Then he’ll lose respect for you, as you’re so easily manipulated. Then he’ll start looking around for someone else to manipulate. This is when you start looking around too. For reputable psychiatric help. Because, in the midst of torturing you, Scorpio will suddenly turn into a model of gentleness and consideration. He’ll even be kind to animals (standard behavior for all romantic hero types – designed to suck you into believing they have a soft, sensitive side). Don’t be fooled. Its just part if the callous game he’s playing with your mental and emotional health. His objective is to annihilate you. But if he can make you believe he is capable of such an act, it makes it all so much more fun when he actually does destroy you.

And destroy you he will. This is what Scorpio does best. And besides, its how he likes to spend his spare time. Once you are a broken mess on the floor he’ll pick you up and glue the pieces, so you are whole once more, and he can start all over again. He takes his hobby very seriously. It brings him hours of enjoyment and allows him to explore his destructive talents. And you’ll get something out of it too. A hobby of your own: a lifelong obsession with him. Which allows you to spend your spare time in expensive 12-step programs undergoing extensive counselling. Check into group therapy when you find yourself getting upset just because he is sleeping with other women. It’s really none of your business. You are only his girlfriend / wife / mother of his children. And anyway, you’ll meet his mistress soon enough when she joins the group after she discovers he is doing the same thing to her. Then you can console each other about your mutual stupidity. You’ll both be introduced to a nationwide Unhealthily Obsessed Co-dependant Support Network for Women who have dated Scorpio. It comes with a 24-hour hotline, which you’ll put to very good use. (This is a free-of-charge service, one of many sponsored by the Aspiring Romantic Novelists Association who use it for research purposes.)

The reason Scorpio inspires such obsessive behavior is because he is so obsessive himself – about sex. He thinks about it twice as much as other men, which basically means it’s on his mind all the time. Which makes him the blueprint for the complete and utter bastard. Which in turn, makes women think he’s sexy. Which therefore means he really can’t help but catch one or two of the airborne little-black-dress-clad oestrogen packages continually heading his way. (Warning: Don’t be tempted to have an affair yourself to get back at your Scorpio bastard. Right now, you’re in no emotional state to witness a jealous streak the size of the San Andreas Fault. This is probably unnecessary advice, as you won’t have time between those ever-increasing therapy sessions and that compulsive shopping habit you recently developed. And, lets face it, the nervous twitch and chronic alcoholism aren’t exactly going to be attracting men in droves.)

If it helps your sanity, blame the other poor, obsessed women. Or their therapists. Or the government. Or, better yet, blame yourself. No one forced you to read all those ridiculous love stories. You wanted a club-wielding, hair-dragging, heroic bastard. You’ve got him. Now you have to live with him. So, just throw yourself into his arms or under the next passing truck. Either way, the ending will be the same.

When a Scorpio bastard looks at you, you will feel a strong urge to shed your underwear. He will have this baffling effect upon you, even if you’re in a very public place and you find him most unattractive.

Follow the trail of emotional wrecks to his door. Or, better still, let him find you. Because then, at least, you won’t be the one who started the relationship which ruined your life.

Be sunny and happy and full of life. He won’t be able to resist the challenge of luring you into the pits of hell. Once there, just be whatever he wants you to be. Holding onto your personality will only cause you a lot of unnecessary pain.

Scorpio will charm you into submission. Or else he’ll worm his way into your life and affections without you noticing – like cancer or some other terminal disease. And after just one date, he’ll know everything there is to know about you, and you’ll know absolutely nothing about him. This sets the tone for the entire relationship.

Because Scorpio has so many hidden agendas, you’ll never be able to pick the right time. So go to bed when he wants to, generally just after you’ve been introduced. (Tip: When you do it, make like a porn star, but somehow give the impression you’ve never done it before.)

When you feel the inclination to do this, have yourself committed.

Trying to exact revenge will only serve to amuse Scorpio, as your attempts will seem so amateur. Besides, he’ll be flattered he still has total control over your emotions and your life. On the other hand, running after him, doing your best impersonation of a doormat will only invite him to clean his boots on you. Don’t waste your energy. You’ll need it over the next few years, just to get through therapy.

He’ll get over it. If, however, he thinks you’ve slighted him, its best to watch out for yourself and take extra precautions for the next ten or 20 years – at least.

  1. cm said:

    Hi Taurus Girl,

    I’m a Pisces and may have some advice when it comes to your Scorpio guy, as I’ve lived with one (my father) my whole life and dated a couple as well.
    First off – a Scorpio will never be persuaded by anyone else to see a therapist (or take meds) unless he or she himself decides it will be worth it. So it’s not even worth the time to bother them with the idea. And they will almost never, ever decide that it is worth it because they were born with an innate understanding of the psyche that would challenge any psychiatrist’s knowledge,very frankly speaking. They could probably teach the psychiatrist a thing or two. Unlike most any other sign (except perhaps Pisces), Scorps were born with the curse of having an intimate view into the dark side of human nature. This makes them suspicious of most people at best and distrustful of them at worst. Also, ALL Scorpios are capable of bringing about great transformation in themselves – all BY themselves – and have no need for anyone else to make this happen, unlike most of us mere mortals, who sometimes require a bit of help and are not shy about admitting it. 🙂

    So – how to bring your Scorp out of his periods of brooding and stress episodes then? How to bring about the transformation? Get to the ROOT cause. You mentioned he complains about things and has issues with you. What does he complain about as it relates to life in general? What are his issues when it comes to you personally? You did mention one thing that is crucial. You mentioned that he is very sensitive to slightly feeling ignored or feeling you may not care. This is a tricky thing because as a Taurus you are not hard-wired the same way as a Scorpio, or other water signs, for that matter. Scorps can sense the slightest change in the undercurrents and being so sensitive already (ESPECIALLY AS A MAN, in a society where men who are sensitive are many times looked upon as less of a man), he will shut down if he thinks the one closest to him (YOU) is not always ready and waiting to hear – and 100% perfectly understanding of his every hurt and upset (yes -even if it involves you. Especially if it involves you.) Since you are the more stable of the pair in this sense, you will unfortunately have to be the one to make an extra effort to go against your more emotionally unflappable grain in order to help your Scorpio out of what clearly seems to me to be a depression. Yes, it may be depression based on some issues with the relationship but I think it has much more to do with what he is doing with his life, personally – even though you don’t talk much about that in your post. What does he do for work? Does he enjoy it? Does he get along well with coworkers (my guess is likely not)? Does he want to remain in this line of work? Go back to school? Switch careers? Something else? Try to get him to open up to you about this and then do what Taurus guys and gals are so superb at doing – construct a PLAN, broken up into small, manageable GOALS, to help him achieve it! Write it down, make a checklist, come up with a financial scenario. Help him to believe in a reality that he will then go out and manifest – the way only a Scorpio can – when their willpower takes over and they realize they can make anything that they desire really happen.

    Taurus and Scorpios make for a great team!! They only thing presenting a challenge is the difference in hard wiring of emotion. Scorpios are born ultra sensitive and therefore very vulnerable to everything that may cross their paths – good or bad. Taurus are ultra sensitive to things more of the “tangible” sort – smells, sights, touches, tastes. They are not yet quite as tuned in to emotional undercurrents. This is easily enough remedied if you can brace yourself, forget your ego and approach your Scorpio as if you believe (and you really MUST believe) that he is a saint, a super human, the love of your life and capable of doing anything in the world that he wants to. He really is!
    Start off with something like, “Dear/sweetie/honey/some other equally endearing term, I know that you’ve tried to tell me about how you’ve been feeling about things lately and I have made you feel as though perhaps I wasn’t listening or didn’t care as much as I should. I’m so sorry and so sorry to have added to your pain in any way. I will do anything necessary to help you – and us- gain happiness and success. You draw up a list of everything that you want to happen – or just tell me and I’ll draw up the list – and we’ll figure out how to do it together. We have a long life ahead of us and I don’t want to waste a moment more of it without devising a plan and making it happen.”

    That’s it. That’s all you have to say. BUT – and this is the most important part. It’s not WHAT you say, it’s HOW the message is delivered. You cannot have an OUNCE of blame or hurt or grudge wandering around in your own psyche when you have this conversation or he will FEEL it (remember the Scorp sensitive to feelings and emotions) and shut down, even if you’re saying all the right things. You have to go in there, having thoroughly convinced yourself before the conversation that you love this man, that you will do whatever it takes to sacrifice for his needs and that there is nothing he can ever do or say that would make you love him less or leave him. Believe me – if you can do this – and do it time and time again – you will be able to help him to transform himself and you will have someone willing to drive a stake through his heart for you if necessary. Exhausting? YES. Maybe. Worth it? YES – because only a Scorp can give you that kind of loyalty with such fervor. NO other sign is capable of it. And if you can tap into that, you have a treasure beyond any worldly value. But it won’t come easy and it won’t come without a great deal of sacrifice on your end as well. GOOD LUCK! 🙂

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  2. Virgo female with little knowledge of people said:



    • Sabrina RICHARDSON said:

      I just ended a 2 yr relationship with one. These guys are off the chain don’t want to deal with him anymore, he lies. Cheat just no good for me and I started dating him after my husband died I was married to my husband for 26 yrs. I just ask God to give me the strength to leave this Scorpio guy alone, he’s not good for me at all.


  3. Jw said:

    Omg this is so true! This Scorpio I knew moved way to fast ( basically telling me he loved me after two weeks). Out of no where I was no longer a priority. I’m an Aries and I won’t put up with it. I confronted him only for him to say I want you. Then would continue to treat like I was nothing. So I made him feel like he didn’t matter. I started talking to another guy. I then inboxed the Asshole Scorpio and asked him are we done? He said baby I love you but I can’t have a relationship right now. I said you really think I’m stupid dude. You have been cheating the whole time and I moved on. The signs were all there. He then begin to say how is me not wanting a relationship right now because I’m going through personal problems make it ok for you to talk to other guys. They will do I mean do anything to take the blame off of themselves and on you. I put him in his place and told him I’m done. His loss not mine. Blocked him from my whole life. He then made up all these lies about me from information I told him thst was information I don’t just tell anyone. Do not trust them and don’t let them think they can get away with it either.

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    • 47 said:

      “THE WORDS”
      Now I can see why he leave you because he sensed (a long time ago) that what you actually are
      again he score YOU loose
      sad but true


  4. Diane said:

    Tell me about it. I fell hard for a scorpio I liked him so much. I Never told anyone I liked them first but I did with this scorpio guy. He took his time to open up his feelings for sure. I was in and still am in nursing school, he didn’t push me to hang out when I had to do study guides he also didn’t force me to do physical things I wasn’t ready for. When it was good it was good. We were together for one year when for about a month he didn’t visit me and his feelings changed. His path in life in general was changing and overall didn’t want to be in a relationship. I was dumped by this scorpio whom my heart had such strong feelings for. While I forgive him I would have a hard time forgetting him.

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  5. PiscesG said:

    LOL Can somebody please give this person a f* gold medal the size of America? Seriously! Hahahaha


  6. Virgo female with little knowledge of people said:

    First and foremost being a twin is not fun by any means, its very painful and extremely difficult to let go off head, heart and others parts of a person. I will not talk about myself too much because fed up of trying to find answers, but one things for sure, numbers 24, 11:11 appeared in birthdates and me and my twin are opposite signs of the zodiac, that is not all, there are similarities where my actions mirrored his and his actions mine, it was not known to each other until we met, twin souls are usually star crossed and not easy for union in any form, infact both twins may be married to NEAR TWINS making it an impossible task to be with each other. Its tearing of soul feeling that you will go through without even thinking of the other person, the pull you would feel would be strong even without seeing each other at all, closeness is unbearably healing at the same time over magnetic, one in which you cannot tolerate separation meeting for a short while. I am disappointed to know im a twin and so is the son of my twin another twin, its EXTREMELY PAINFUL and yes one indicator is to see where the 7TH house is in VEDIC charts, if its Gemini and both people have same planet there indicates a very close connection, in my case as a twin we both share that in common and my near twin has all chances to be taken away by the universe because of his birth chart indicating all sorts of separation from me and my birth chart indicating all that too, I have kept it mum and not discussing this too far, but the insecurity is unbearable as even though having a twin I accepted my near twin more closely for he cares, in my twins case I do not wish to start all over again even though every part of me wants to do that. Makes sense? Will not, its not merely a soulmate connection, I know this as I would never give my heart to a person who slept with all kinds of women and servant to add to it, he didnt have karma? you think? somehow I fail to understand how can a twin be perfect and without blemish being human, but I still get attracted without a reason I can fallback, this is not something expected, clearly if you havent had affairs in life like people normally do and have met very few out of which you get married you ought to find your twin most appropriately as you let the universe make decisions for you, this wasnt arranged marriage exactly, but from the way things are I am only shocked and extremely hurt for being in this situation, the will power to maintain takes a toll on me and I am no psycho but in love that cannot even describe to begin with, its like my soul rips off with the thought of letting go, I am not like this by nature, with my mental affairs and very few close relations that Ive had never ever ever felt like this, this is scary, people please dont die to meet your twin, the day you do you wont be able to live life the way you normally did. All the best!


    • 47 said:

      Can understand your situation
      well I can suggest you to spend some time with him maybe he isn’t the same as you are thinking already

      Good Luck bud O:)


  7. Reba said:

    Scorpios are freakin’ obsesively jealous people. I met one online and he basically demanded to take my vacation (bikini) pictures off the internet. Haven’t even met the guy in real life. Go figure…


  8. max said:

    I’m scorpio and i believe all you guy saying about scorpio most of them is true ,I’m married for 14 years my wife is libra she is a best human been i aver meet ,i have to kids cancer and leo .but seriously she is in trouble to understand me cause I’m moody and i can be like others ,i destroy her and i starts again build her .
    when i was reading this ,looks like I reading about my self but i can’t do nothing ,i tried to but its not work properly .

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  9. vanu said:

    hey…. i am taurus, i am in love with scorpio man.. but he is telling that, he is having a disease and he dont want to enter into any relationship… and he dont want to enter to married life… i m just not getting how to convince him…….


  10. Sabrina RICHARDSON said:

    I’m dating one and has ended it. OMG! I promise I never want to get involve with another Scorpio again. He throws temper tantrums, like he wo t answer none of my calls or text, when hes wrong he blames me he never admit when he wrong and gets mad for no reason. He cheated on me then he comes to my house after not talking to me for 3 weeks trying to sleep with me, I wouldn’t do it, he hot mad, he had left money at my house but he had been eating my food, but bragging to his people he got money well, I didn’t give him his 500.00 dollars he was P ISSED! at me so son waiting because I don’t trust him and before he left my house that day he looked at me and I could have sworn out he sucked the life out of me because he was so mad. Still Love him but he’s not good for me.


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