Monthly Archives: October 2012

What is it my love? What speaks beneath the waves of your constant denial?

What is lying there patiently, waiting for you?


Here is something lovely to look at. A piece done by freelance artist Edward Miller. I really like the blend of many current trends, ideas and fantasies; it feels very of the moment to me. I feel like with the internet today all of humanity’s concepts and ideas about art are becoming one great big amalgamation of love and passion. I love seeing the transformation of what we find beautiful.

Edward Miller

One of my favourite artistsĀ Kill Pixie, aka Mark Whalen. This is one of my favourite pieces. I’m going to buy an original one day. There’s a lot of things I’m gonna buy one day…

Leather Jacket

Sick Bike

Trip to Scotland

Designer Sunglasses

Laundry Detergent

Kill Pixie